The Christian Expo is the first standalone Christian Exhibition to be held in South Africa.

This Christian Expo is not like any other exhibition as it deals with a topic that some people will celebrate, others may find scary and others will dismiss.   It is not for the faint of heart to explore their spiritual selves.  The Christian Expo aims to provide a neutral and safe place for spiritual introspection via live entertainment, workshops, and suppliers providing assorted products and services such as books, schools, camps, decorative items, music etc., churches and the prayer booths.

Live Music –  gospel musicians will be sharing their celebrating of Christianity on the stage throughout the Expo.

To compliment the exhibitors, there are 3 workshops that visitors can attend FREE.

  1. Inspiration Workshop
  2. Hear the Word
  3. Building & Caring for a Church 

EXTRA: Prayer Booths

6 Booths have been allocated to allow visitors the opportunity to pray or ask questions about Christianity and/or their spiritual journey.