We know that the economy is tough but it doesn’t change that companies need to keep on connecting with new customers cost effectively.  The following 4 points are well researched and documented reasons why Expos work!  The Christian Expo is a specific expo where Christianity can be celebrated.

Generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads

With the right strategy, every show you attend is an opportunity to drastically expand your customer base. The people who attend shows are already motivated, interested in the products or services your company offers, and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot.

Learn what’s working (and what isn’t)

Shows provide great opportunities to learn which direction your industry is (and isn’t) going in.  They can save your valuable money from the insights you gain by speaking to motivated and interested visitors at Shows.

Develop and strengthen your brand

Branding is a huge aspect of business success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation. Exhibiting at a show is an effective way to tell your industry that your company is serious, reliable, and large enough to afford its own presence at leading events and conferences.

Close sales without causing resentment

Not all prospects respond well to telesales or direct mail. Some see direct marketing as an intrusion into their lives, while others are annoyed by sales calls, regardless of how much value they might offer.

Exhibiting at a show gives your company’s sales team an unprecedented level of access to important prospects, all without the resentment and apprehension that characterizes traditional direct sales. Typical objections disappear as customers are in a buying (or research-focused) mood.

Booster Packages

To enhance the benefits of exhibiting at a show as mentioned about there are various packages available to boost your exhibition experience to your potential customers.

The packages are broken down into:

  1. Sharing information and an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise
  2. Boosting brand awareness using digital and social media cost effectively
  3. Boosting brand awareness and targeting your audience who use and value print media cost effectively
CSE Exhibitor Booking Form 2018